Wednesday, December 11, 2013

iCan iDentify Imprints With The Help Of My iPad!

Today we used our scientific inquiry skills to study imprints made by classmates in our Earth's Ancient Environment Imprint Museum.  Here is a movie trailer that I created to sum up our experience.  Notice the students are using their iPads to record all of their observations and data.  They are using the Notability app to fill in their "Field Study Journal" which I created via the Pages and house in our Earth's Ancient Environment Course in iTunes U.  The kids and I had a "rocking" experience! 


  1. Love this! I'll be stealing this idea for next year! We have already done our prints. Great video!

  2. Fantastic work! Your iMovie showcases your students "rocking" the fossil activity! Great job creating and sharing your trailer and inspiring all of us.