Monday, December 16, 2013

iCan iPad Holiday Travels

Holiday Travels Around The World

This has been our unit for the month of December.  As a part of developing our understandings of other cultures, I developed a social studies unit that would encompass building an understanding of holiday traditions from places around the world.  This year we focused on on three countries.  Each year hereafter I would like to add additional customs and traditions from other countries as well.   It was quite a fun learning oppotunity for all of us.
     To begin the unit I created a course in iTunes U where I housed all of the infomation and this we would be using to learn about our countries.  I created a Travel Journal for students to use as we traveled from one location to the next.  We began by creating our own passports.  Students took photos of themselves using the camera app with the US flag behind them.  Then they added their personal information and colored the Unites Sates seal using the Notability app.  We had quite an official look to our passport I must say.  
     Student had to create a packing list to be sure to have all of the essentials for their first flight.  These items were listed by using Notability as well.  Then we were off to our very first travel destination, Israel.  We traveled on "Klamm Airlines" as our itinerary outlined.   This is a picture of the Travel Journal that the students filled out.  The space under the luggage is where they listed the items they had to pack. 
Here is a sample of the passport that the students created as well.  Alongside is a sample of one of the pages in our Travel Log that the kids were able to read and draw information from about the country we were going to learn about.

Since our first country to study was Israel, I added several videos about Hanukkah to my iTunes  U course in addition to several stories.  The pages listed below are the pages I created for this year's journal.

At the end of our travels we added the information that we learned on our trip.  The kids used Notability throughout the journal, even to color the pictures of the children from Israel dressed in their traditional clothing.  The completed log is being sent to their parents via email.  Using the iPads to complete this Travel Log was a fantastic  experience.  We are looking forward to our next country to add to our log!  

I am adding a movie trailer of our Dreidel Game experience.  I created it in iMovie and the kids as you will see had a lot of fun playing the game.  For many it was their first time!

The "M"-azing" Dreidel Game

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