Thursday, December 5, 2013

iPads for Self Evaluation

Today I thought it would be great to share how my second graders used the iPads for self assessment.  Our objective was to improve our oral speaking and work on the specific skills of eye contact, volume, pacing, and organization.  Students were presenting their personal timelines to their classmates.  They paired themselves up and while one of the pair was presenting, the other partner was videoing the presentation on their partner's iPad.  Then they switched roles.   Each child will use the video recording to fill out their oral speaking rubric and assess their skills.  The kids enjoyed the experience and as their teacher I could not have been happier with the results.  This quote from one of my students is worth adding to the blog to share the impact the iPads are having in our classroom
"I like seeing what I did good and what I have to practice for next time."

With the help of a great friend and "iPad coach" I can share a sample video of the kids in action.  Even if you only have one iPad, this is something that would be worth your while to try!

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  1. Loved how you shared the timelines! Cute video too... Great idea to snag and use myself!