Wednesday, December 18, 2013

iCan iPad and The Hour of Code

Our class participated in the HOUR OF CODE!  What a fun and challenging experience it was!  The kids were completely engaged from the moment we started until we had to end.    Immediately students were asking if we could "do it some more."  Each student sat captivated around the room working diligently to break the code!

  At the end of the session I asked my class if they would like to share what they learned with a class of third graders. They unanimously agreed.  So the next day we headed to third grade to share what we had learned with a classroom that will be getting iPads in the very near future.  It was such a great experience for all involved.  Below are some pictures of us working with third graders. 

Kids learning with kids!  What an "M"-azing experience!

Monday, December 16, 2013

iCan iPad Holiday Travels

Holiday Travels Around The World

This has been our unit for the month of December.  As a part of developing our understandings of other cultures, I developed a social studies unit that would encompass building an understanding of holiday traditions from places around the world.  This year we focused on on three countries.  Each year hereafter I would like to add additional customs and traditions from other countries as well.   It was quite a fun learning oppotunity for all of us.
     To begin the unit I created a course in iTunes U where I housed all of the infomation and this we would be using to learn about our countries.  I created a Travel Journal for students to use as we traveled from one location to the next.  We began by creating our own passports.  Students took photos of themselves using the camera app with the US flag behind them.  Then they added their personal information and colored the Unites Sates seal using the Notability app.  We had quite an official look to our passport I must say.  
     Student had to create a packing list to be sure to have all of the essentials for their first flight.  These items were listed by using Notability as well.  Then we were off to our very first travel destination, Israel.  We traveled on "Klamm Airlines" as our itinerary outlined.   This is a picture of the Travel Journal that the students filled out.  The space under the luggage is where they listed the items they had to pack. 
Here is a sample of the passport that the students created as well.  Alongside is a sample of one of the pages in our Travel Log that the kids were able to read and draw information from about the country we were going to learn about.

Since our first country to study was Israel, I added several videos about Hanukkah to my iTunes  U course in addition to several stories.  The pages listed below are the pages I created for this year's journal.

At the end of our travels we added the information that we learned on our trip.  The kids used Notability throughout the journal, even to color the pictures of the children from Israel dressed in their traditional clothing.  The completed log is being sent to their parents via email.  Using the iPads to complete this Travel Log was a fantastic  experience.  We are looking forward to our next country to add to our log!  

I am adding a movie trailer of our Dreidel Game experience.  I created it in iMovie and the kids as you will see had a lot of fun playing the game.  For many it was their first time!

The "M"-azing" Dreidel Game

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tech The Halls!

Tech The Halls was an inspiration from Pinterest with my own twist of course.  The kids loved creating a slightly different Santa, we agreed the glasses gave him a fun "techie" look for 2013!  We decided as the proud class of 1 to 1 iPads that our traditional Christmas letters would take a new turn to match our Santa's.  Hence, the "All iWant for Christmas" letters were created.  The kids thought that making them look like they were on iPads was a great idea!  I added a sample below to share our creative efforts.

Students also wrote their "All iWant For Christmas" on their blog page as well.  They took a picture of their techie Santa and uploaded it to their blog and then tapped in their list.  

Just one more way to add a fun blog experience.  (Thanks to +Brent Catlett  for the great suggestion to take it one step further!) Check out our blogs at:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

iCan iDentify Imprints With The Help Of My iPad!

Today we used our scientific inquiry skills to study imprints made by classmates in our Earth's Ancient Environment Imprint Museum.  Here is a movie trailer that I created to sum up our experience.  Notice the students are using their iPads to record all of their observations and data.  They are using the Notability app to fill in their "Field Study Journal" which I created via the Pages and house in our Earth's Ancient Environment Course in iTunes U.  The kids and I had a "rocking" experience! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

iCan iPad Morning

This was no ordinary day.  November 25th, 2013 was the highly anticipated “iCan iPad Day” where parents joined their child for a morning of sharing and learning together.    

Students began the morning independently working on their differentiated math problems using Splashmath, Math Bingo, and Meteor Math, while I gave parents an overview of how we have been using the iPad as a learning tool.  Then students took the lead and showed parents how they can iPad! First up, taking a photo of their guests with Photobooth. That was a hit and laughter erupted in the room! Then it was on to sharing their animal habitat projects they created in Keynote and their dinosaur vocabulary slides they are currently working on. Students shared their iTunes U dinosaur field journals where they record all their findings as they explore fossils and conduct science investigations in the Notability app. 

The pairs adventured beyond the classroom walls and scanned QR codes to go directly to their “A Turkey With Dressing” blog posts at .   (Here is a direct link to 2nd grader  Steven’s post).  The students were very proud of their posts and beamed as their parents read their writing and gave them feedback in the form of smiles, hugs, and words of encouragement.  

Next the duos moved on to a math scavenger hunt using their iPad to uncover hidden math problems and an app called Screenchomp, which is similar to a whiteboard,  to solve their tricky double digit with regrouping problems.  Then, parents and children returned to the classroom where they co-authored a blog post about their learning adventure.  

I think the "iCan iPad" morning went beautifully.  The students completely exceeded my expectations!  The kids did an exceptional job and the parents were very pleased!  It was a joyful opportunity to be a part of and I can't wait to see what else we can do this next semester!

Check out our movie trailer from our morning!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

iPads for Self Evaluation

Today I thought it would be great to share how my second graders used the iPads for self assessment.  Our objective was to improve our oral speaking and work on the specific skills of eye contact, volume, pacing, and organization.  Students were presenting their personal timelines to their classmates.  They paired themselves up and while one of the pair was presenting, the other partner was videoing the presentation on their partner's iPad.  Then they switched roles.   Each child will use the video recording to fill out their oral speaking rubric and assess their skills.  The kids enjoyed the experience and as their teacher I could not have been happier with the results.  This quote from one of my students is worth adding to the blog to share the impact the iPads are having in our classroom
"I like seeing what I did good and what I have to practice for next time."

With the help of a great friend and "iPad coach" I can share a sample video of the kids in action.  Even if you only have one iPad, this is something that would be worth your while to try!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Welcome to the iCan iPad Second Grade Blog!

Welcome to our iCan iPad Second Grade Blog!  We think iPads are "M"-azing!!  This photo is the day our second grade class got their iPads!  The kids were so excited and proud to show their new learning tools!   I can't wait to post ideas and share our "M"-azing and exciting learning adventures.