Tuesday, January 28, 2014

iCan Develop A SOLID Understanding of Geomety With The iPad!

Our geometry unit began with learning the difference between plan figures and solid figures.  Once we all had and understanding and common vocabulary we were ready to begin and take our learning and understandings to a whole new level.  What better way to get kids motivated about learning geometry than participating in a scavenger hunt and collecting the evidence on an iPad?!  Students LOVED working together in pairs searching for real-world objects that represented various solid figures, everything from rectangular prisms and spheres to pryamids and cubes.  Once students found a good representation of their solid,  they snapped the picture with their iPad,  uploaded it to their camera roll, and headed for the next idea.  Students had a blast and were very creative in their thinking!  They loved the opportunity to move around our school building completing their task.   This is an activity I will use again for sure!  It was so much more engaging and pushed their thinking when compared to the math lesson that we would have learned with our math curriculum.  This is why I am so passionate about what the iPads can do and how it helps students to think and organize information.  It is real world activities with open ended opportunities!   Here is an example of how student uploaded their scavenger hunt pictures to create Keynote slides representing each solid figure:

The next day after learning about the vocabulary used to identify and describe geometric solids (number of faces, edges, and vertices), we added this information to it's respective slide.  Here are two examples:

  The best part was that no two Keynotes were the same.  The freedom to add their background, pictures, fonts, styles, picture selections, and definitions added to their learning enthusiasm.  Students were completely engaged throughout the assignment. 

     As we worked throughout the geometry unit, I tried diligently to think of innovative ways to add to our Keynote with what we were learning.   I was able to introduce congruent shapes with the help of an app called Geoboard.  This app is basically two different sized geoboard with a whole lot more capabilities when compared to the hands on variety.  The kids LOVED the iPad Geoboard app.  They loved all of its capabilities.  I had them take screen shots of their work and upload it to their camera roll for use in their Keynotes.  
Take a look at the examples of congruent figures we created using Geoboard:
Look at all these congruent squares!
Alexis created a barn using congruent shapes!  Such the creative one!

We used this same app to practice our TRANSLATIONS, REFLECTIONS, and ROTATIONS with shapes.  Here are a couple of examples:
Koen just made a reflection on his Geoboard iPad app!

Miles created a rotation example with his triangles!
Brady is working on creating a translation example!
We also used the app Dragon Shapes during our geometry unit.  It provided great fun and practice for students in learning how to manipulate shapes (translation, reflection, and rotation).  It was a challenge for many to get the correct placement in the picture to complete the task but they did not give up.  The kids loved it!

We can't wait to show our parents our Solid Geometric Keynotes with our families.  I was so happy to see their finished products!  I think the higher level thinking skills that went into this project greatly exceeded any pencil paper.  Students worked together and helped one another, it was easily differentiated for all ability levels, and students were able to use several different apps to build their understandings.  Geometry on the iPad is a great thing!  We have a SOLID understanding!!
(I just couldn't resist the pun:0)


  1. WOW! Thank you for sharing all of the great things you can do with the iPads and solid figures! The kids look like they took ownership of their learning and made a lot of real life/world connections with what they were learning in Math! They will definitely be able to remember what they learned and apply it! Great ideas!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I try to post things that might give others an idea how to do something in a new way. I really love using the iPads and observing the kids using technology to drive their own learning is so fascinating to me. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment:0)

  2. This is amazing ~ ALL of it has been amazing! I know I would've had more fun learning geometry with these kinds of activities over paper and pencil!
    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your iPad lesson plans!!