Sunday, January 19, 2014

iCan Teach Guided Reading On The Ipad!

Teaching guided reading on the iPad has profound learning opportunities!  I have been using the iPad to work with students at ALL ability levels and have observed excellent growth and progress!  I love that I can take a traditional lesson and turn it into a new learning adventure with interactive capabilities!!  One of my favorite apps for guided reading is  Storia from Scholastic.  I have made it my personal mission to purchase as many of their interactive books as possible for my guided reading groups (yes, these book are even leveled in multiple ways).   My favorite non-fiction books by far are those created by National Geographic Kids.  They are in my opinion, the BEST for teaching non-fiction text features! They not only captivate students with their interactive capabilities, they also provide great discussions and teaching opportunities which enables me to use my questioning strategies to further build their reading comprehension and understandings beyond the text.   
     We recently read a book from our reading anthology called The Emperor's Egg.  This story taught students about the life of an Emperor penguin.  So, during guided reading I was able to use the  Storia book National Geogaphic Kids Penguins  to further their learning and understandings.  My teaching point was working on non-fiction text features and the book provided numerous opportunities to explore how these features are used and in an interactive way!   I created a quick movie trailer to watch if you are not familiar with the book.  Please know that any time you see a lightening bolt on a page, that means it has an interactive opportunity.  I only took a couple of pictures as the kids were reading.  Check it out!

The iPads have  COMPLETELY captured the interests of ALL my readers!  Those who struggle are motivated to read as they LOVE the interactive pieces!  The discussions about the text are rich in context.  The questions that students ask along the way are insightful, and often times send students looking for additional information.  Student driven learning....GOTTA LOVE IT!! 

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