Tuesday, February 4, 2014

iCan Use Google Earth On The iPad and The World Is At My Fingertips!

Ga Ga for Google Earth, Google Earth Is Great,  Google Earth Is Amazing,  Google Earth Rocks, these are just some of the titles that kids used for their Kidblogs that defined their experience using the Google Earth app.  Thanks to the iPad and one quick demonstration, the world just got a whole lot smaller and a lot more interesting to my second graders!  The world was literally at their fingertips!  Enthusiasm and excitement don't even come close to capturing the whole Google Earth learning experience.   I used this app as the anticipatory set to introduce our unit on Geography and "IT ROCKED" according to my students.  They are eager to learn more about their world!  Here is a link to our class blog site.  If you are interested in seeing what the kids had so say about their experience, please click the link below.  We would love to hear your comment.

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