Thursday, March 20, 2014

iCan iPad At Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...
Our Self Reflections Tell It All!!

When parents arrived at conferences students were prepared and ready to share their "Self Reflections About Our Learning."  Of course we couldn't display something that didn't have a technology twist to it, so parents were in for a big surprise when they looked in the mirror of their child's artwork with the iPad!
As you can see, the children drew themselves as if they were looking into the mirror.  Then the best part of course 
was attaching our    
technology piece to the lesson! We used an app called Aurasma!! 

When the parents held the iPad over the child's reflection in the mirror, a video created by the student launched from the  student's mirror picture and appeared on the iPad.  The Arasma app made this possible!! Parents were speechless!! 
There were lots of ooh's and ahh's from parents, siblings, and 
on-lookers.  The kids were so proud to hear such positive responses for their work.  This was such a GREAT way to begin conferences.   
The self reflections about learning couldn't have been portrayed any better!

Under our self reflection pieces we displayed our personal narratives.  During the third quarter our writing curriculum focuses on teaching students to write personal narratives. Throughout the third quarter we had opportunities to practice writing different types of narratives.  As our culminating writing piece we created our "Personal Narrative Stories"  These narratives tied in perfectly with our "Self Reflections Theme" for conferences.  Here are some examples:

Parents enjoyed reading these narratives and were pleased to see that the technology focus that we have in the classroom with the blog writing that we do, the Keynotes we create, and the comic strips that are written, are all adding to our writing capabilities! 
 Our personal narratives are evidence of what is possible when 
technology and pedagogy meet!  

The kids shared our QR code wall where families could use our QR code readers on our iPad or their phones to read their child's blog spot. 
Parent enjoyed reading our newest blog posts about Dr. Seuss Week which we saved as a surprise just for conferences.
This was the perfect way to start our parent teacher conference!  

Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Technology has helped us tell it ALL!


  1. Awesome stuff Michelle! Thanks for sharing it out! You rock!

  2. WAY to GO! Once again you knocked it out of the park! Love the way you connected the physical and digital worlds with Auras and QR codes! Bravo, Michelle!

  3. This was such a cool surprise on Conference Night! Derek was super excited to show it to us, and we really enjoyed his video message :)

  4. Awesome job with the kids and community. I liked the way that you really individualised the task and made it meaningful.
    Well done children!