Sunday, March 9, 2014

On the Loose With Dr. Seuss And An iPad

Can you use iPads here or there?....We can use them anywhere! 
We love our iPads so we say and we want to share what we learned each day!  
 Dr. Seuss week was busy and the learning was fun, 
our iPads helped us capture and reflect upon each one! 

On Monday we started with The Cat in the Hat!  
You can imagine what fun we had with that!  
We had so many fun things to do, 
thank goodness we had the help of Thing 1 and Thing 2!!
 Our goal was to learn about narrative elements that day.  
We read a Seuss story to teach us the right way!  
We listened carefully to the story as it was read,
then it was time to show what was up in our head.  
 Here is a picture of a hat that was done,
 learning story elements sure can be fun!
 Here is a close up of what the kids had to do,  
its hard to believe that they were learning something new! 
The narrative elements were written down with great care 
and the pictures that went with it, I just had to share!
The hats turned out great I really must say! 
 But it wasn't the only Seuss activity for the day!  
Check out the estimation activity with the help of some fish 
that we stored and made ready to take home in a dish!
 Once math was over a special treat was prepared
 to help us with states of matter we had plenty to share! 
One fish two fish...we found the red fish in a blue dish! 
The treat was the perfect way... to end a fun and special day!  

Tuesday was just as busy and fun it was true. 
 We had some cooking of Green Eggs and Ham to do!
We wrote a special "Green Eggs and Ham" music rap. 
We used Garage Band to help... it's  a really FUN app!
 Here is our video we made for the day!  
The kids worked so hard to learn just what to say!

We took pictures of our Green Eggs and Ham!  We enjoyed eating them with Mrs. Klamm!
We graphed out predictions before we ate, then after we had cleaned our plate! 

On Wednesday we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck and it is true 
that we learned how to make Oobleck too! 
 Was it a solid?  Was it a liquid?  It was hard to tell, 
but made it ourselves and did very well!
Was Oobleck a solid or liquid it was hard to say,
 But we sure had fun exploring it today!

On Thursday we read Dr. Seuss's Butter Battle Book
Then we made our own butter which we shook and shook!
We started with heavy whipping cream inside of our cup
We shook it back and forth and danced to mix it all up!
We made our own butter it is true 
We learned how easy it was to do!
We made our breakfast snack of homemade butter and bread
It tasted delicious most the kids said! 

On Friday we reflected upon all of our fun!
The kids started blogging there was work to be done!
They each chose their favorite Seuss activity
Then blogged about it for all to see!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Can I come spend a week in your classroom? I love to see all of the things you are doing with your students. They are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Way to go Michelle!

  2. This is awesome, Michelle! What a fun week for your class!