Saturday, April 5, 2014

iCan Make Anything Talk On My iPad!

My second graders have learned a new app that can turn ANY image into a talking image!  The app we used was ChatterPix Kids.  This app is super easy and allows kids to record their voices onto any image!   Student have thirty seconds to make a voice recording for their image to speak.  Listed below is a snowman that one of the students used in his Keynote for States Of Matter.  He loved having his snowman share the information he learned and can't wait to share his Keynote with his family.  The kids all agreed that making the ChatterPix slide was their favorite in the Keynote.

Once you show this app to your kids, let the creativity begin!  It is a great app to appsmash with other apps!
  It was super easy to import into Keynote as we found out!
The possibilities are endless!

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