Wednesday, April 9, 2014

iCan Use Raz Kids On The iPad For Running Records

     Yes!  You read the title of the blog right!  I have been RAZZLE DAZZLED by the Raz- Kids app and the  capabilities of the running records and benchmark assessments done COMPLETELY on the iPAD!  From recording to the running record it can all be done within the app!!  LOVE IT!!  

  I assign a running record to each student in my class and once finished the students' recordings are sent to my "In Basket" where I can access them anywhere at anytime!    I choose to listen to their recordings at home in a quiet environment and make the necessary notations about their reading on the running record scoring sheet.  I am able to listen to each recording as many times as I need to in order to mark errors accurately.  

Notice the "scorecard" on the right hand side has all the information about the student's reading.  You can easily mark errors utilizing their great and very simple format!  All recordings and benchmark assessments are saved under the child's name.   It's a wonderful way to share accuracy and fluency growth with the child and their family!  Not to mention you do not have a paper trail to contend with!!  It is all located in the teacher portion of the RAZ-KIDS APP! 

By utilizing this app I have saved valuable instructional time. The data that I collect daily is used to help drive my instruction for each student.  I can easily identify their independent comprehension strengths as well as their weaknesses. Here is a sample of a report I am able to collect daily on each child's individual independent reading abilities. You can see which skills he has encountered and where his strengths are and where he needs support.
Here is a report that shares their reading level progress.  This one is from the past 90 days.  Again, what a great way to share information with the student and parents!

 From the data I am able to collect at the touch of a button I can create my strategy groups and my RTI intervention needs!! 
 RAZ-KIDS definitely is a gold mine when it come to data collection!! It is well worth your time and effort to get to know this app and use it with your students!  
You too may be RAZZLE - DAZZLED!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

iCan Make Anything Talk On My iPad!

My second graders have learned a new app that can turn ANY image into a talking image!  The app we used was ChatterPix Kids.  This app is super easy and allows kids to record their voices onto any image!   Student have thirty seconds to make a voice recording for their image to speak.  Listed below is a snowman that one of the students used in his Keynote for States Of Matter.  He loved having his snowman share the information he learned and can't wait to share his Keynote with his family.  The kids all agreed that making the ChatterPix slide was their favorite in the Keynote.

Once you show this app to your kids, let the creativity begin!  It is a great app to appsmash with other apps!
  It was super easy to import into Keynote as we found out!
The possibilities are endless!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Student Teacher + 1:1 iPads + Science Curriculum Objectives+ Creativity = States of Matter Understandings!!

    Can you imagine a snowman talking to you and telling you his freezing and melting points?  How about turning solid chocolate into a liquid, by adding heat and then turning that liquid chocolate back into a solid by adding cold and documenting the whole experience with pictures that you can turn into diagrams?  Would you consider making things explode to build and understanding of gas and recording it?   These are just a few examples of what is possible with with the help of an iPad and a highly motivated student teacher!!

 When my student teacher first started she came to class without any kind of 1:1 iPad training, but to see her teaching now, you would think she has been teaching this way for years!  Her initial hesitation and concern have evolved into motivation and inspiration!  As she became familiar with the apps we were using and the management that was necessary to have in place to be successful, she was off and running!

Through her creativity and understanding of the curricular objectives, States of Matter has taken a whole new path of hands on learning opportunities, documentation of student understanding (via camera and video possibilities), and app smashing opportunities galore! The unit began with making the decision to use Keynote

 as our application to document and share our learning and understanding for the States of Matter Unit.  Each student created their own Keynote to reflect what they learned from their science investigations, collaboration, science literature, and group discussions.  App smashing was such a fun way to add information to their slides!  And a great way to think "out of the box" to share what we learned.   We used Skitch for  labeling our pictures to create diagrams. Here is an example that one student made for their Keynote slide.

She introduced a new app called Chatterkids to add a new opportunity for kids to explain the freezing point and melting point of solids.  They ABSOLUTELY loved this app! Here is a sample that a student made and recorded:
I can't wait to post the final project to share how and why matter MATTERS to our second grade students!!

I wrote this blog specifically to let educators know that with training and support anything is possible!  My student teacher embraced the opportunity to learn how to use iPads as a tool to drive learning!  She overcame her initial hesitation and jumped in with both feet and head first.  She stepped out of her comfort zone and embraced the opportunity to teach 21st century skills with enthusiasm and creativity.  While she had challenges she reflected on her lessons daily and made the necessary adjustments to meet the diverse needs of students. 
 Anything is possible with the right attitude and support.