Thursday, October 9, 2014


"Shiver Me Timbers its been a long time since my last blog!! "
As I have navigated through some "stormy waters" I have found me "Inner Pirate"again and am ready for the next adventure!  I am commandeering a new vessel this year (the third grade ship) with all me old crew from last year!   Keeping the pirates code close to me heart (Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask and Analyze, Transformation, and Enthusiasm) I have challenged me-self to lead by example as any captain would, fight the battles that are in the best interest of me crew, and celebrate the treasures that we discover upon our adventurous journey! 

As I embarked on this first quarter adventure with me crew, I navigated through some VERY stormy and rough waters!  At times I think me ship might sink with all the canon fire and water we were taking on!  It even crossed me mind to walk me own plank!!  Luckily, I found me senses and remembered why I became a pirate to begin with!    I never back down from a challenge and it is me duty to speak the truth and fight the battles that are important to me crew and fellow pirates!  I will battle "The Crackin," face the rough seas, and NEVER lose sight of me crew as I know they depend on me to navigate our ship no matter what kind of waters or battles that lay ahead!   I will keep me wits about me an steer the course!  Me crew reminded of the beauty and possibilities that lay ahead on the horizon.  

To all me fellow pirates out there  swashbuckling through your days, remind yourself that we pirates have to stick together!  We are pirates for a reason, we don't follow the "normal" calm waters as that would not challenge the pirate within us.  We celebrate adventure and embrace a "good fight" for we all know that the treasures in the end are worth it!   A big  "AARRR" to all me fellow pirates who inspire me each and every day! 

It's A Pirates Life For Me!