Friday, March 27, 2015

iCan Publish My Own iBook!


The NE iBooks Project is a partnership between schools, state agencies and non-profit organizations across Nebraska for the common purpose of providing quality instructional materials. .  

Last night student from my third grade class were invited to the NE iBook Project Showcase that was held in Bellevue, NE.  Their were four students from our class that were sharing their iBooks about Jamestown.  Students had completed this as part of a social studies assessment.  Throughout our unit students took notes from their social studies books using Notability, they completed research from various documents that were housed in iTunes U, created a Popplet to organizing their information and thinking, and they used several apps (Trading Cards, Screen Chomp, Pic Collage, to name a few) and "App-Smashed" them together. Finally all this information was pulled together and students wrote their Jamestown book using Book Creator initially and then we turned them into an iBook!

Each child visited with Kristina Peters the eLearning Specialist & School Library Liaison for the NE Department of Education and Mark Billington the Representative from Apple  about their iBook project.  They discussed how their book was created and the various apps they used in order to achieve their completed project.
 Families were there to share in this exciting and informative event along with school district representatives and our technology coaches.

As the classroom teacher I must admit that I was EXTREMELY proud of the efforts and the students abilities to share their experiences with confidence and poise.  Each book is a representation of their hard work and efforts and is authentic to their age and ability.  They are all officially PUBLISHED AUTHORS!!

Once again the iPad has forever transformed the way that I teach and measure student learning!  The opportunities, ideas, and possibilities are endless!!

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