Sunday, April 26, 2015

Class Dojo Is The Way To Go!!

This year I implemented the Class Dojo behavior management system in my classroom and it has been a HUGE success!   I have been able to record and track my students' behaviors daily, while providing instant feedback.

When school began I gave each student an avatar to begin with.  Upon earning 50 points students could then choose and customize their own avatar if they chose this as their reward.  Each day all students begin with zero points.  At the end of the day they are able to see the score they earned and write it into their daily planner.  These points are kept all well and then are cashed in on Friday to shop in our class store.
Students love earning their points and shopping is VERY important to them. 

You can start out by using ClassDojo to track your class progress towards behavioral goals.  It would be like a high-tech marble jar: Points can be added or taken away depending on how the class is responding to instruction.   I highly encourage to let your class set goals and work toward rewards based on how many points they've earned.

If you would rather keep track of each student you can individualize it as well!
You can also use the system to monitor students' individual progress and look for behavioral patterns.  In this sense, you could use ClassDojo as more of a high-tech behavior chart, with frequent assessments for each student.

As a third grade team of teachers, we set up "shared behaviors" to help offer consistent expectations throughout our grade level.
 These expectations were first discussed in our classrooms with students.  They helped to select both the positive and negative criteria.  Having the student perspective and input was critical to our success!

 Class Dojo created
 the mobile app (iOS and Android), which allowed us to award positive or negative points to any third grader in our building.  These points could be given at any point from anywhere in the classroom, in the hallways, in the lunchroom, on the playground, and so forth.  It has been great for modeling consistency across our grade level. The expectations are known and understood by all the third graders in our building.

The pictures you see are examples of our customized behavior list. 
These behaviors are categorized as "positive" or "needs work."  Each behavior is paired with an icon that students can easily identify; as points are awarded or taken away.  Students are able to hear sounds associated with the positive and negative points that are
being added or subtracted.  So if a group is working well they will hear a positive sound.   If someone is off task they can hear a negative sound.  I prefer to unveil the point totals at the end of the day rather than displaying publicly throughout the day.  It is my own personal preference. Depending upon your students you can decide what works best in your room.   I have found that Class Dojo helps to make behavior expectations more clear and concrete for students. They are always excited to find out who earned the most points each day! 

ClassDojo excels the most as a communication tool between the teacher, student, and parents.  The parents are able to see  a wider picture of their child's daily experiences in class.  It is more transparent for teachers, parents, and kids. Not to mention that the program also provides more specific feedback to look at student behaviors and the social skills they're learning. The reports are also very infomative for parents!

We also felt it was essential to include this daily communication with families. We as a third grade team, shared
the ClassDojo Messenger app with our families so they can monitor their child's progress and communicate with us. This has been a WONDERFUL means of communication!  We all have 100% of our parents signed up and using it!  I can easily send out a "Whole Class Broadcast" to share something quickly with all of m families at the same time, or I can individually message families as well! 

As with anything, Class Dojo's effectiveness is dependent largely upon  how you use it -- it definitely works best with continued and consistent use.  Please know that it will only be as good as the attitude you bring to its implementation and the consistency in which you as an educator are prepared to handle!!  Here are some of my students thoughts about Class Dojo...

"Class Dojo is awesome because you earn positive points and then you can use your points to buy a special privilege or something in our store." Matthew age 9

"I like Class Dojo because it helps me to make good choices!"  Malachi age 8

"Class Dojo is fun because you can make your own avatar and buy things that you earn on your own."  Sophie age 9

CLASS DOJO IS THE WAY TO GO!!! (Mrs. Klamm's Third Grade Kids!)


  1. This was a very helpful post as I jump into Class Dojo with my third graders late in the year! I will refer back to it. Thanks!!

    1. Be sure and let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to help!

  2. Great post, Michelle! This will be a great resource for teachers starting to implement Class Dojo! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post, Michelle! This will be a great resource for teachers starting to implement Class Dojo! Thanks for sharing!