Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smooth Sailing With Schoology!

The 2015-2016 School Year Is Here!  
Twenty four eager and excited kids entered into class ready to learn!  

 Students embraced the challenge of learning how to use an iPad in the classroom to show what they have learned!   Having the opportunity to project my iPad onto a large overhead screen to teach students step by step how to utilize this amazing tool was imperative.  The student were completely engrossed and caught on VERY quickly!  Only eight days into school and they had a firm understanding of how the iPad was going to provide amazing learning opportunities.

My biggest challenge was seeing if I could create a work flow system that third graders could utilize and become comfortable using.
 Schoology was the perfect answer.  It was my goal this summer to create courses for my students so that everything they needed would be accessed through Schoology. My colleague +Brittany Braasch and I were both fortunate to work with Schoology last year and through our collaborative efforts and ambition, we successfully created a course in Schoology for every subject area.  Our biggest challenge was determining how best to organize the materials so that the students could access things efficiently and manage the paperless workflow.
The workload was HUGE...but
it was manageable.  We both agreed that Schoology is a  combination of iTunes U and Google Classroom mixed into one app.   We asked ourselves could third graders manage this kind of a paperless workflow progam?  Well, with patience, understanding,  and a positive mindset, we knew it was doable!
 The kids did not disappoint!

My number one suggestion to anyone planning to create a course is:
 prior to setting up your courses be sure to have a plan of how exactly you want kids to access the information and the best means for students to locate it.
Here is an example of how we set up our reading series

Notice that we made folders of each reading unit.  There are a total of six units altogether.  Then within each unit are the five stories that go with it.
We made folders for each of the stories as seen below.

This was the way we chose to organize each story.  It is important to label things clearly so that students are able to send the information back to you for grading. 


It is really easy to add links to various other resources.  Here is a list of the things you can add to your courses.  There are so many possibilities. 

What I love most about Schoology is the ability to store everything I needed for a particular unit in one place!  Adding all my PDF's has cleared out my file cabinets!!  Yeah!!

Students are able to complete all PDF's through the Notability APP!  You will need to teach them how to upload their assignment into the Notability app and then how to
send it back to Schoology.  Just be patient and allow for lots of opportunities to practice.  Third graders are completely capable.  It's an amazing paperless environment!  I love being able to grade their work and send it back.   The paid version allows you to give verbal feedback.  Our district does not have the paid version is my hope that this will change.  Having the paid version allows you to add grades right into your Pearson grade book.  So many great possibilities!!

If you are thinking about going paperless, I highly encourage you to give Schoology a HUGE consideration!!


  1. Great post! I really like how you included screen shots so everyone can see how you organized all the materials.

    1. I feel there is so much to show what Schoology can do!! I just couldn't write a blog that long!! Thanks for the read and tweet!!

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you get some soon!! They are a wonderful tool for education!!!