Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Merry "Grinchmas" And Happy New Year!

During the holidays I wanted to do something special for my kids at school.  In past years, on the last day before break,  I would have a "Polar Express" send off.   Well this year  I wanted something new and fun to do.  So, with the help of Pinterest, I planned:  
Merry "Grinchmas"!!  

I sent an email to all my families letting them know ahead of time about the plan for the day!  Then I invited student to wear their favorite "Grinch Attire" to school for the day!   

"Grinchmas" started of with Grinch style donuts that I have specially made at a local donut place in town.  I wanted them to be "Grinchmas" looking and this is how they turned out!  They even did the "Grinch Green" that I requested! 

I have to mention our drink for the day!  As you look at the table you will see cups with straws of red and green.  We made
"Grinch Grog" using a favorite old recipe of mine.  All you need is two scoops of green sherbert and a can of Sprite per glass.  
The kids poured in their own soda, so prep was quick! It was green and delicious! We even shared some the the "Grinch" himself! 


After much "Grinchy Jubiliation" we began our activities for the day.   Of course we started with the story
 THE GRINCH  and then proceeded to tie our learning to the story through out the day!  These are some of the activities that we did, thanks to the help of Teacher Pay Teachers!!
Figurative language, synonyms and antonyms, mulitplication and more! 

As I planned the day, I was trying to come up with a gift for the kids that would tie in with our theme for the day! 
Thanks to the help of some clever "Pinterest Pinners" I was able to create "Grinchy Gifts" for my students as well!

I had to find my "inner artist" and a steady hand to draw on their ornaments.  I created the tag and added my favorite line from the story! 

Of course I had to find some a cute "Grinch" way to decorate their gift these worked out perfectly!  

Adding a "Grinch Candy Cane" was the perfect way to complete the gift!

The students and I had a wonderful "Grinchmas" together!  It was a really fun day to plan and I can't wait until next year to build upon the excitement.  I have included my Pinterest board link if you would like to see other ideas that you can do too!!  Can't wait for next year!